Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Modeling Laboratory

Saco Bay Inundation FVCOM

The Saco Bay, ME connected the two rivers. This coastal region is frequently flooded during nor’easter events. The Saco Bay inundation FVCOM domain is configured with sub-regional unstructured grid with a horizontal resolution varying from ~ 400-500 m over the shelf to ~ 10 m inside the harbor. In the vertical, a total of 10 uniform σ-layers were specified, with a vertical resolution varying from 1.5 m over the shelf to 0.1 m or less along the coast where the water depth is 1 m or shallower.

The Saco inundation FVCOM is driven through a one-way nesting to GOM-FVCOM and FVCOM-SWAVE with inclusion of wave-current interactions. The model is under the testing and validation status, and will be placed into the forecast operation after the validation experiments are completed.


Posted on January 10, 2014