Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Modeling Laboratory

Online Tide Forcasting

The tidal forecasting model of the Ogeechee River Estuary is built on a harmonic analysis tidal forecasting program developed by Foreman (1992). The tidal constants used in this program are the model data predicted by the Ogeechee River Estuary model. The water level and currents are constructed by five tidal constituents of M2, N2, S2, K1, and O1.

The tidal forecasting system functions for two particular purposes: 1) showing a snapshot (tidal chart) of tidal elevation and current vectors in the entire computational regime at a user’s selected time and 2) providing a time series of tidal elevation and current at a user’s selected location for a selected period. The users also can view tidal currents at a selected depth. It usually is very fast to get a time series of tidal elevation and currents at a selected location displayed on the screen, but due to the internet connection, sometimes, it takes a few minutes to calculate amplitudes and phases of tidal elevation and currents used to construct a tidal chart at a selected time.

Posted on January 16, 2014