Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Modeling Laboratory

MHBNL Papers and Reports

1. Zhao, L., C. Chen and G. Cowles, 2006. Tidal Flushing and Eddy Shedding in Mount Hope Bay and Narragansett Bay: An Application of FVCOM. J. Geophys. Res., in press.

2. Rothschild, B., C. Chen, L. Zhao and G. Cowles, 2006. Progress Report of the SMAST Mt. Hope Bay Project. SMAST Technical Report.

3. Fan, Y., W. S. Brown, 2003. The Heat Budget for Mt. Hope Bay. SMAST Technical Report NO. SMAST-03-0801

4. Rountree et al., 2003. Framework for Formulating the Mount Hope Bay Natural Laboratory: A Synthesis and Summary. SMAST Technical Report.

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