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Comparison between First and Second Generation FVCOM-GOM/GB Results

The second generation of FVCOM-GoM/GB has the same open boundary as the first generation of FVCOM-GoM/GB. The only difference is that second generation version is configured with higher horizontal resolution over the western Gulf of Maine coast, Stallwagan Bank, and Nantucket Sound. Unlike structured grid model, FVCOM is flexible to refine the local grid in the interesting area without need to modify open boundary conditions.It also make it easy to run the model through a nested approach with no need for the interpolation between two nested domain.

The second generation of FVCOM-GoM/GB can be easily re-run by using the re-start conditions output from the first generation of FVCOM-GoM/GB. Since the output files are really large, we only select some animations here to show the improvement of the model results by resolving more accurately local geometry and slope.


1998-Year with high low-salinity water intrusion from the Scotian Shelf.

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