The Gulf of Maine (GOM)/Georges Bank (GB) WRF forecast and hindcast system was developed by the Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Modeling Laboratory at the School for Marine Science and Technology, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth based on the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. This system is configured with one numerical domain with horizontal resolutions of 9 km (regional domain) and 3km (local domain), and driven by the hydrostatic NAM weather model (with a horizontal resolution of 32 km).

The forecast is made every 3 days with snapshot of the distribution of surface wind speed, air pressure, humidity, and air temperature over a time interval of 3 hours. The temporal variation of these meteorological variables over the forecast period can be viewed by clicking “animation”. The hindcast is also made by data assimilation approach for the same period after the surface buoy and satellite-derived SST data are received. The display structure of the hindcast model results are the same as those shown in the forecast model results.

The hindcast (1981-2006) was done by MM5 model. The hindcast (2007-now) is updated using WRF model.