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Tidal Forecasting Model


The tidal forecasting model is a harmonic analysis tidal forecasting system based on the Foreman (1992) with model-predicted tidal parameters. Five tidal constituents M2, S2, N2, K1 and O1 are included in this system. Two choices are available in this system: the first is to forecast tidal elevation and current at a selected site for a selected period, and the second is to forecast the snapshot of the distribution of water level and tidal currents over the entire Satilla River for a selected time.


  Dr. Changsheng Chen

  School for Marine Science
  and Technology
  University of Massachusetts   Dartmouth


  Dr. Mac V. Rawson
  Georgia Sea Grant College   Program
  University of Georgia
  Athens, GA 30602


  Dr. Randal L. Walker
  Marine Extension Service
  University of Georgia
  Athens, GA 30602-3636



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